It's 9 O'Clock Somewhere (Or, Why Work Is Good)

Dec 17, 2019


As Christians, we aren’t immune to any of these difficult parts of work.

Even here in my dream job working at home, there are difficult parts. Sure, I have flexibility, but I also  have extra responsibility and the extra challenge of being my own boss and growing my own business while managing work-life balance. 

However,  we have a distinct mindset advantage when we remember this very important truth:  Work was not part of the curse that came with the Fall of Mankind on that life-altering day when Adam and Eve first deviated from God’s perfect plan. Work was actually part of God’s blessing.

In this inaugural episode of the Work Is Good podcast, I cover 5 important truths about work we learn from the Bible.

Listen in for a deeper dive on all these truths.

What Does the Bible Say About Work?

Truth #1: God Himself works! And work is good. 

Truth #2: We’re the Ones Who Made Work Hard 

Truth #3: Work Is God’s Gift to Us 

Truth #4: God’s Eternal Plan Includes Our Work . . . Still  

Truth #5: Our work reflects God’s plan of redemption. 

5 Ways God's Plan Affects Your Work Today 

  1. Since work is inherently meaningful, we don’t have to constantly search for its meaning. And we can know for sure no matter what we do -- unless it’s a profession out of alignment with God’s nature -- that it is not in vain. 1 Corinthians 15:58 says, “Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” Searching for meaning is a burden we don’t have to carry.
  2. We can enjoy the fruits of our labor, 100% guilt-free since God gave that to us to enjoy. 
  3. We can work with HOPE knowing that one day our work will be sin-free. No bad bosses. No stress. No sexual harassment. No racial discrimination. No conflict. A bountiful reward. It’s coming folks and before we know it, if you ask me. Hope changes everything as it should about the way we work. 
  4. Every bit of work we do is a reminder of who God is. Take the time to think about how your work reflects the fact you are made in God’s image. 
  5. Every redemptive profession out there -- the police officer who protects, the nurse who provides healthcare, the counselor who speaks truth to a heart wounded by lies -- is a sign that God has a redemptive plan for this world that will one day come to full fruition. Rejoice in that!

Your Mission:

 Go to and choose a devotion to read this week. I promise you’ll be blessed and encouraged to keep moving forward.

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