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These experts helped me and I'll help you.

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Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy

Amy’s Digital Course Academy walked me through a proven checklist for  creating and launching your own online course.  

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Michael Hyatt's Platform University

Here, I first began to explore the world of online platform building and how to leverage content to spread your message and build community. 

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Marie Forleo's B-School

Marie’s 8-week video-based training opened my eyes to business best practices and the top online marketing strategies needed to drive online sales and achieve clear results.

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Stu McLaren's Tribe Course

Stu’s Tribe course showed me the best way to grow and scale membership websites through the right types of content and active member engagement.


When you book a Kajabi VIP Day with me, you get an entire work day dedicated to fast-tracking your Kajabi website, course or membership on its way to success! That's right — no one else gets my time but you.


Clarity Calls ($149)

Ready to start and monetize your email list or website? I’ll give you the plan you need to help more people while earning more income. 

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No email list yet?

Then you’re missing the most powerful and affordable way to sell your book and other digital content.

An email list is the ONLY business asset that gives you $36 for every $1 spent — that's a 3,600 % ROI and cheaper than social media and advertising combined!

Not sure where to start? I'll make it easy for you. Everything you need to do is found in these four steps and through a clarity call or series of sessions, I'll help you move through each step simply, strategically and successfully.

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Choose an ESP

An email service provider (ESP) is a service that will help you collect email addresses from visitors even if you don't have a website yet. An ESP is essential in order to stay compliant with email marketing laws. 

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Create a Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are a free, valuable resource (i.e. PDF, eBook, video, quiz) you offer your audience in exchange for their email address. They work most powerfully when you help solve a problem.

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Nurture Consistently 

Nothing helps create enthusiastic fans ready to buy what you write than delivering content to them once every week by email. The key here is consistency and having a clear strategy that works.

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Monetize Strategically

A nurtured email list of true fans will do more than just buy your book. They'll buy your course, a membership, affiliate products you recommend and more. Think outside the box here.


The Upward Vision

I've chosen the name Working Upward because not only do I love helping clients turn their God-given dreams into reality, I also help women start and grow their own virtual assistant businesses while looking upward to Christ for their daily strength and purpose.

Working Upward strives to produce and promote work that is in alignment with a biblical worldview which teaches that work is good and brings joy when pursued with the ultimate goal of glorifying God. 

It also means our work should be motivated by love and gratitude for Christ and His gift of salvation.

Work with an upward vision aims far past the top-rung on the corporate ladder, public recognition or even the weekend party and looks ultimately toward eternity while also enjoying God's earthly rewards, too. 

Keep looking upward!

Kristen Iaffaldano

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