Is Virtual Assistant Work Right For You?

If you can see yourself doing any of these popular virtual assistant services, this may be the path for you.


Your Top Questions Answered

Overview: Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

Below are the 10 most necessary steps to starting your own virtual assistant business. Following these ensure that you don't miss the most important tasks necessary to launch!

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1. Identify Your Niche.

Who will you serve? What services will you offer? What are your strengths? What skills can you learn?

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Create Your Ideal Work Week

How much and when will you work? How many clients can you serve? Plan your ideal work schedule. 

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Claim a Name and Domain.

Will you work under your personal name or a business name? Check domain availabiity first!

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Prepare for Taxes.

Will you file as a sole proprietor or an LLC? Should you claim an EIN?

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Determine Your Rates.

Will you offer hourly rates, service packages or a combination of both?

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Position Yourself Online

Present your services professionally online through social media and your website.

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Choose Your Invoicing Solution.

Determine the best invoicing solution for your needs and configure all the settings.

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Create Your Contract Template.

Make sure your contract manages client expectations and legally protects both parties.

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Prepare Your Client Welcome Packet Materials.

Anticipate new clients' questions and answer them in a welcome letter, policy overview sheet, your services list and more. 

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Attract and Onboard Your First Client.

Network, pitch and advertise in the right places to attract your ideal client and then onboard them to a working relationship. 

Ready to start? I'll show you the most direct route through all ten steps above.

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Hi, I'm Kristen Iaffaldano (pronounced like Eiffel (as in the tower) Day-No) and 2022 marks my 10 year anniversary as a virtual assistant! 

I started with BELAY –– the known as eaHELP –– moved on to working directly with clients of my own and now I  teach and mentor aspiring and new virtual assistants through my online course, The Upward VA Roadmap.

I've definitely learned a few things along the way and am thrilled to pass along what I've learned to those who are just starting their work-at-home journey. 

One more thing!

Earlier this year I started the Working Upward Podcast where my goal is to help Christian work-at-home women and business owners look deeper, look upward and keep moving forward. If that's you or soon to be you, I hope you'll listen in. Here's an episode to start with!


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