Episode #8: A Guide to Confident Decision Making

Mar 03, 2020


 Decisions, decisions, decisions! If you love making decisions and know for sure you always make the right ones, then this episode is not for you.

However if you struggle with overthinking, underthinking, general wishy-washiness or just making wrong choices, then listen in because what I’m sharing today is just what you need to hear.

By the end of the episode you’ll have a plan to help you confidently make your next big decision and then feel really good about your choice.

Show Notes:

Common Roots to Our Decision-Making Struggles

  1.  Misunderstanding the dual nature of God's will. 
  2.  We think we're in charge. 
  3.  We're afraid. 

The Antidote

Understanding God’s loving plan for us and trusting Him to guide us and work it all out. And of course the more we’re in the Word of God and communing with Him in prayer, the less we struggle with these root issues. 

Pre-Decision Making Principles

  1. Avoid "fleece" mentality.
  2. Clarify your priorities.
  3. Make decisions on a full stomach and with a well-rested body.
  4. Limit your choices wherever possible.
  5. Avoid crowd mentality.

5-Part Framework for Making Decisions

  1. Get the facts
  2. Search the Scripture
  3. Seek godly counsel
  4. Pray 
  5. Make the decision confidently

Post-Decision Principles

  1. Remember not all decisions are permanent. They can be reversed.
  2. Routinely evaluate your decisions.
  3. Learn from your decisions.


Think of one good decision you've made and one bad decision you've made. Pause for a moment and consider your thought process in each of those. What have you learned from each of those decisions? Bonus points if you write it down.

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