Episode #5: How to Plug into Your Ultimate Power Source

Jan 20, 2020

Have you ever accidentally plugged your iPad into your iPhone’s charger? If so, then you know it charges really slowly. It still charges, but what would normally take a couple hours might take all day. Because you’re plugged into the wrong thing. 

Unfortunately, we often do the same thing with ourselves.  Instead of plugging into our Ultimate Power Source – I’m talking about our Almighty and Faithful God – we plug into the wrong things. We forget where our power really comes from and pay the price.

Now, you may have listened to my past couple of episodes here on the Work Is Good podcast (and I hope you have) where I shared what I like to call Power Principles for Life and Work. 

Each of those principles, I strongly believe, is pure gold, but just to be clear, those principles are only powerful when we are connected to our Ultimate Power Source God Himself. And I probably should have added a disclaimer like:  Warning: Not to be tried in your own strength. 

I was especially reminded  of that this past week when I was down low with the flu. I love how God gives reminders that we can’t do anything without Him, don’t you? The flu? That will definitely do it.

So in this episode, I’m going to encourage you and myself by examining and rejoicing in the power of God. 

We’re going to see just how powerful and wonderful God is and then how God graciously gives it to us and then a few really practical ways we can make sure we’re depending on God’s power rather than our own in our day to day lives. 

And heads-up: it’s jam-packed with super encouraging Scripture so prepare for a major pick-me-up in the moments ahead!

How powerful is our God?

  • God is so powerful, He created the world with a word. 
  • God is so powerful that not only did He create the world with His power,  He sustains the world with His power.
  • God is so powerful, He defeated Death and Satan. His power is most beautifully displayed in the cross.

What can we expect when we live and work through the power God supplies rather than our own strength? 

  • We can expect our strength to be constantly renewed.
  • We can expect peace like never before.
  • We can expect freedom to focus on the known task, not the unknown result.

Here are three ways we receive power from God:

  • We receive power through the Holy Spirit.
  • We receive power when we put on the armor of God.
  • We receive power when we abide in Christ.

Your Mission:

Take 5 minutes to thank God for His power in creation, salvation, your sanctification and then tell Him how much you need Him every day and every minute. Ask Him to help you rely on His power alone.

Pay It Forward:

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