Episode #4: Power Principles for Work and Life, Part Two

Jan 07, 2020
When was the last time you had an “aha” moment? A moment when you were thinking through something or working on something and it just wasn’t making sense or you just stopped moving forward  and then suddenly –– you got it?

Many times when I’ve been in this situation, it was something from outside that moment that helped me make that breakthrough. A conversation with a friend, a passage from the Bible, a television show, a book, a sermon, a social media post or a podcast. 

And many times these things have become Power Principles in my life and work. Meaning, that They didn’t just help me once or twice, they help me over and over again. 

Today's episode is  Part Two of Episode #3, Power Principles for Life and Work, so be sure to listen to Part One if you haven't done so yet. 

Last time we talked about done being better than perfect, the biblical definition of success, the value of time over money, boundaries and more. And this week we have eight more game-changing principles. 

Listen and enjoy!

8 Power Principles:

  1. Stewardship matters.
  2. Generosity matters.
  3. Embrace experimenting.
  4. Be the guide, not the hero.
  5. It’s okay to keep it small.
  6. Keep a morning routine.
  7. Identify your no behind the yes.
  8. Do it scared.

For 8 More Principles, listen to Part One. 

Your Mission: 

Read Ephesians 2 and write down what you see about God’s generosity. And then, write down one way you can be more generous in a) your work and b) your life.

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