Episode #17: Cultivating Contentment in Your Work and Beyond

Nov 25, 2020


 Up until 2020, I’ve always been a stickler about celebrating Thanksgiving first and then celebrating Christmas. Thanksgiving just gets a bad rap, you know -- I mean, in stores I see Thanksgiving table settings and napkins go on clearance before the holiday itself to make room for more Christmas stuff. Which, by the way, began to appear on shelves in July. 

But this year, I’m making an exception. I am in full-on Christmas mode for some very good reasons. First, 2020. Need I say more?  We could all use a little more holiday cheer, I believe. 

And second, we are in the process of packing and selling our house and moving to Iowa from Georgia mid-December. No Christmas decorations around here and definitely no Christmas ham coming out of my oven so I am celebrating creatively in other ways as early as I can. 

And one of those ways is this podcast which I’ve been itching to do for a little while -- where we’ll talk about some new things coming your way in 2021 , how we can have a thankful Christmas this year and the imperative role contentment has in your mindset and your business. 


The Apostle Paul on contentment: 

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Read Psalm 100 and Luke 2, back to back, in anticipation of a thankful Christmas.

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