Marketing in a Crisis

Apr 02, 2020

How on earth do you market your product or your service in a time of fear and panic?

When your prospective customers or clients are suffering financial loss or are holding tightly to their wallets and have shifted their attention to something else much bigger than you?

When there’s a need in the world that you never saw coming and aren’t sure how your product or service addresses that need?

Or when you just feel awkward selling because you don’t want anyone to think you’re ignoring –– or worse –– capitalizing on the current crisis? 

I'll cover what you need to know in this episode of Working Upward.


Five Pieces to the Crisis Marketing Puzzle

  1. Remember basic marketing principles (what marketing is really about).
  2. Understand your customer (how is he or she impacted by this crisis?).
  3. Evaluate your relevancy.
  4. Know your "why."
  5. Pivot your messaging and your offer.


Make a list of your products and services and next to each one, write SR for still relevant, MR for more relevant or NR for not relevant. And make a pivot.

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