Episode #14: Spring-Clean Your Business with this Simple Method (Business Booster Series)

Jul 20, 2020

Ah, there's nothing like a gentle breeze through your open window or sunshine on your shoulder, or even a quarantine to get you thinking about all the wonderful things you can do to spruce up your house, clean your car, and refresh your business -- but where to even start? Well, I’ll leave those petrified french fries in your car for you to take care of, but I will help guide you through spring-cleaning your business in today’s episode of Working Upward, using a simple method to ensure no detail falls between the cracks. 

And, like I’m doing with every episode in this Business Boosters Series, I have a free companion download for you.  Be sure to grab your Business Spring-Cleaning Guide over at WorkingUpward.com/BusinessBoosters.


The simple method in a nutshell:

R-A-P your way through every part of your business. 

R = remove what you don't need.

A= add what you do need.

P = polish it all up to look great and run smoothly.

The Plan (aka, the Master Checklist you'll R-A-P your way through)

  • Physical Space
    • Office Arrangement
    • Office Supplies
    • Papers and Files
  • Digital Space
    • Inbox
    • Hard Drive & Desktop files
    • Dropbox, One-Drive and Google Drive
    • Note-taking Apps
    • Other Apps & Digital Libraries (Ex: Canva’s Design Folders)
    • Password Manager
  • Other
    • Digital Tools & Subscriptions 
    • Processes 
    • Automations
    • Services and Pricing
    • Website
    • Time Management 
    • Customer/Client Journey


Go to WorkingUpward.com/businessboosters to download the Business Spring-Cleaning Guide and use the list worksheets to start cleaning up your business today.

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